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On Ramp

The On Ramp Program will introduce you to various CrossFit workouts and allow us to serve you better by getting to know your goals, expectations, fitness level, and experience. You get to learn about the CrossFit methodology and our expectations of our athletes in a fun, safe and controlled environment.

The On Ramp Program will introduce you to the nine fundamental CrossFit movements, Olympic lifts, and several others, as well as theory, technique, a typical warm-up, and a sample workout involving what was addressed that day.

These intro sessions will help to prepare you for entrance into the group CrossFit classes and are absolutely necessary in preparation for participation in the scheduled group classes.

After completing the On Ramp program, there are several membership options that give you access to our group fitness program and classes. Visit our Membership page to view all of the options.


No experience needed. In your first class, you’ll meet with a coach to talk about your goals and fitness history, and work alongside you to ensure you have a safe and effective workout.

On Ramp

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