Leticia Nieto

Leticia Nieto


HSPU: 40 Unbroken
Pull-Ups: 30 LB Strict
Dips: 20 LB
Clean & Jerk: 150 lb
Deadlift: 230 lb
OH Squat: 130 LB


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

About Leticia

I joined Lincoln Park CrossFit in May of 2011 and after 1 week I swore I would never come back. CrossFit was intimidating, humbling and crazy hard! I thoughed it out and decided to stay for the month I pre-paid and just like that, I was hooked. I made a friend which turned into many friends, which turned into a community and now a family. I started to notice measurable improvments and actually looked forward to going to the gym to work out and hang out. 5 years later, I decided to join the coaching team so I could focus on helping new members get the most of their LPCF experience.

Athletic Background

Funny. I never played an organized sport or was athletic or “fit” when I was young. I’ve done tons of running and was very into Bikram Yoga for several year (still love it) but always seemed to hit a wall or lose momentum. CrossFit has been the first type of organized fitness that has delivered the type of results that keep me coming back. I am knocking on 40 years old and although I am still learning and improving every day, I am in the best physical shape I’ve even been.

Turning Point

My turning point came when I completed my first workout Rx. I didn’t realize it when I was starting the WOD but when I was done I noticed that I didn’t scale any of the movements that I had once had to modify in some way. It became clear that if you put in the time and the effort, you will get better. That is the day I started to log my PR’s and benchmark WOD’s because I love being able to compete against myself.


After a few years at LPCF I learned that it’s the community that gets people coming back and by coming back they see results. I am passionate about building a better and stronger LPCF community. At the gym, you’ll find me organizing our community events and making sure everyone attends! EVERYONE!


My motivation every day is seeing our newer members finally get what LPCF is all about. Part of the reason I love teaching On-Ramp is because it lets me get to know our newbies and understand what their goals are but also what their hesitations, frustrations, and limitations are. Seeing them gradually improve and becomg part of the LPCF family is the best part of being a coach here.

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