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5 Things to put on your Holiday Wishlist! These are 5 staple items that every CrossFitter can’t have enough of!

CrossFit Shoes – There’s nothing better than lacing up in some new workout shoes. Some of our favorites are the Nike Metcon, Reebok Nanos, or Nobull Trainers. A good CrossFit shoe has a flat bottom, great lateral support, and adds 20lbs to your back squat. Every time.


Weightlifting shoes – Second best feeling is rocking a new pair of weightlifting shoes. These shoes are specifically designed to optimize heel position for squats and olympic movements. They typically┬áhave a very hard heel (plastic or wood), to create even more stability. Definitely not a running shoe! Here are our picks. NoBull Lifters, Adidas Adipower, Reebok Legacy Lifters.


Knee Sleeves – Part fashion accessory, part “I need this for squats”. Knee sleeves provide support and warmth for the knee. It helps for warming up, and provides a little more stability for squatting movements. Rehband is the industry staple, but Rogue has some great color options. Most sleeves come in either 5mm or 7mm options. The 7mm option is thicker and provides more support. These are a must, but just make sure to wash them regularly! Nothing worse than funky smelling knee sleeves


Rope – This is a staple. Every CrossFitter should have their own jump rope. There are a ton of varieties out there, but the most popular ones are Rogue RS-1, RPM Speed Rope, and the RX Jump Rope. Things to look for are handle size and spin, and rope thickness. The thinner the rope, the faster it usually is.


Grips – Gymnastics hand grips keep your precious hands protected from high-reps on the pull up bar. They don’t guarantee you wont build a callus, but they damn well help! Most grips are the same. But the best ones are made from leather, and usually last a long time. Rogue has plenty of great options.


What’s on your wishlist?

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