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3 Workouts down, 2 to go! We’ve seen some amazing things the last few weeks. A few first pull ups and muscle ups for some, and A LOT of grit and hard work from everyone!

By this point in the open, you might be feeling like these workouts have been kicking your butt. You start to get nervous with each Open announcement. Then as soon as you hear the workout released, you might doubt yourself.

Don’t. You’ve made it this far, and each week you push yourself outside of you comfort zone! It is that incremental push that gets us stronger each day. Keep doing what you’re doing. Keep showing up. Keep pushing! Let’s finish the last 2 workouts strong!

(*Shameless plug: remember this Friday’s theme is St. Paddy’s day! Come rocking your best and tackle the workout, before the chaos of St. Paddy’s day in Chicago ensues this weekend!) We’ve also got our end of the Open, Friday Night Lights Out Party right after 18.5. We’ll be heading over to Lincoln Station for some brews and celebrations!


In 18.2 and 18.3 we saw some very impressive performances. Here’s a breakdown of the top performances!

Here’s how points stack up through week 3! Only 2 more weeks to earn those points. The first ever, annual LPCF Open Trophy, awesome championship shirts, and a year’s worth of bragging rights are on the line!


Last, but definitely not least, we want to welcome Marques Chaplin (@marquesachaplin) to the coaching staff! You may have seen him around, in classes or during FNL, but expect to see a lot more of him. He brings a wealth of experience as a Personal Trainer, group instructor, and CrossFit coach. You’ll find him in a few morning and some evening classes throughout the week in the next few weeks. Make sure to reserve your spot in one of his classes!