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The CrossFit Open is here! If you haven’t registered for the Open, head over to games.crossfit.com, create a profile, register for the open, and join the Lincoln Park CrossFit Team. If this is your first time participating in the CrossFit Open, the Open consists of 5 workouts, 1 released each Thursday night. The workouts are designed to test your fitness among hundreds of thousands of other athletes around the world. But more importantly, its the best opportunity to test yourselves, all surrounded by the best CrossFit community in Chicago! If you have participated in the Open before, you know the drill!


In previous years, we had individual intramural competitions, awarding RX and Scaled, Male and Female winners. This year, we decided to switch it up. We decided to draft teams this year! Since we love all of you guys and everyone works too damn hard during workouts to be drafted last, we ran a randomizer to randomly generate teams. Team rosters will be posted separately. Teams will be competing for a Championship Trophy, Championship team shirts, and bragging rights for the entire year! Points will be awarded based on workout performances, spirit, and participation. Check out ways you can earn points for your team


Each week during the Open, we will host Friday Night Lights, beginning at 530p every Friday. Here’s what you need to know about Friday Night Lights

  • Every Thursday Night at 8p, sign ups for heats on Friday will be available at http://lpcf.cfopenschedule.com. First come, first served! Make sure to register for a heat before FNL!
  • Every week will have a theme. Come with your best digs!
  • Volunteer to judge and count reps for a fellow member. Coaches will be on staff to help you judge and demonstrate the movement standards.
  • Lastly, we like to have a little fun. What is a CrossFit competition without some beverages and snacks? BYOB every Friday night. After you do the workout, grab a cold one and cheer on your team!
  • If you are unable to make it to FNL, make up WODs are done during open gym times on Saturday and Sundays (make sure to coordinate with a coach!)


Tips for a successful Open

  1. Attend Friday Night Lights every week! Seriously, this is a scientifically proven fact that FNL attendance is directly correlated to greater fitness. #science
  2. Don’t put too much pressure on your self. We all want to do our best, and in doing so, we put that much more pressure on ourselves to perform to our expectations. But always have fun while you’re doing it. Otherwise, it’s not that enjoyable!
  3. Get in the trenches! Compete, cheer, judge, yell for your fellow teammates!
  4. Have fun! Its easy to get caught up in the competition of the Open, but ask anyone who has participated before, the best part of the Open is having fun with the community!