Digestion, Organs, Coconut & Bear Complex

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This video popped up on the LPCF Nutrition Challenge FB Page thanks to Brad. I love satire. I also love Whole Foods (being satirical! I actually hate Whole Foods with many fibers of my being. If you ever want to derail class just ask me why.)


You are kicking some major metabolic ass. Reading about all of your grass-fed this and wild that, sauteed in coconut oil veg and pastured tallow-fried meats makes me smile (and drool). Your next batch of reading will be on digestion and the importance of organ meats. See below.


Fill out your log daily so you don’t forget. Re-review the Rules & Guidelines (see Nutrition tab on LPCF site) — after tomorrow no more slip-ups on soy/whey/half&half. It is simple stuff so get it locked down. Don’t forget to email me or link to your ‘before’ pics and record your ‘before’ lift+WOD.


Want to get your hands on affordable coconut oil & coconut cream (to make bpa-free/bean gum-free coconut milk) because now you’re savvy to its benefits and tastiness? (TT also has stuff like bpa-free organic tomato paste, or organic preservative-free cacao and coconut flour for high-fat, low-carb goodies for after the Challenge). Check out the LPCF Coconut Group Buy FB page and then fill out what you want in the spreadsheet. We don’t have enough people for a minimum order, so when we do I’ll confirm and order.


Real men (and women) eat organs

Travel tips (in order of approximate nutrient density greatest to least)

  • Sardines/mackerel/herring + salad + evoo/vinegarette
  • Leftovers in to-go containers: meat balls/loaf/quiche etc.
  • Hard boiled eggs, paleo DIY mayo/mustard dip
  • Pemmican
  • Jerky (read ingredients)
  • Avocados (peel & eat)
  • Nick’s Sticks
  • Coconut cream, coconut oil (seriously, keep a little emergency jar around)
  • Last resort: dried fruit, nuts, nut butter packets

If you get stuck at a paleo un-friendly place:

  • Inform them you’re sensitive to gluten
  • Ask the chef/search the menu for a hunk of meat
  • To lean meats add some good fat (remember that emergency jar?… or ask for a side of olive oil)
  • Ask what they fry/saute in — if it’s veg/peanut/seed oil, skip it or ask for it steamed w/a side or two of olive oil
  • Note: most commercial sauces, mayos, aioli’s are soybean/corn/canola/veg/crap-oil based

Workout of Day (WOD)

Bear Complex:

Without letting go of the bar, or resting it on the ground complete 5 sets of the sequence for 1 round. Do 7 rounds increasing the load per round:

– Power Clean
– Front Squat
– Push Press
– Back Squat
– Push Press
Post Weights used

Cash Out:
2:00 Double Unders
Rest 2:00
1:00 Double Unders


Exercise regimens that induce a high neuroendocrine response produce champions! …”
Coach Greg Glassman, Founder of CrossFit

“Neuroendocrine adaptation” is a change in the body that affects you either neurologically or hormonally. Most important adaptations to exercise are in part or completely a result of a hormonal or neurological shift. Current research, much of it done by Dr. William Kraemer, Penn State University, has shown which exercise protocols maximize neuroendocrine responses.

Earlier we faulted isolation movements as being ineffectual. Now we can tell you that one of the critical elements missing from these movements is that they invoke essentially no neuroendocrine response. Among the hormonal responses vital to athletic development are substantial increases in testosterone, insulin-
like growth factor, and human growth hormone. Exercising with protocols known to elevate these hormones eerily mimics the hormonal changes sought in exogenous hormonal therapy (steroid use) with none of the deleterious effect. Exercise regimens that induce a high neuroendocrine response produce champions! Increased muscle mass and bone density are just two of many adaptative responses to exercises capable of producing a significant neuroendocrine response.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of the neuroendocrine response to exercise protocols. This is why it is one of the four defining themes of the CrossFit Program. Heavy load weight training, short rest between sets, high heart rates, high intensity training, and short rest intervals, though not entirely distinct components, are all associated with a high neuroendocrine response.

This article and other great topics can be found in the Foundations Journal 

Justin Enders

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