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❤️ LPCF Fam ❤️

Due to circumstances that are beyond our control, beginning March 18th, we will temporarily be shutting down our facility for the next couple of weeks. No 7pm Tuesday, March 17.

This is both a precautionary measure and to comply with state regulations. This is not an easy decision for us to make and it is with everyone’s best interest in mind that we feel it is necessary.

All workouts from now on will be modified, so they can be performed at home! In the following days, you will receive an email invitation to make an account on TrueCoach, an online platform and a phone app, where you can see the workout of the day, log in your results and receive personal feedback from your coach. TrueCoach also has video demonstrations to help guide you on how to perform certain movements. Workouts will also be available on SugarWOD. An introduction video will be posted on our social media pages (FB, IG and YouTube) soon explaining how to approach the workouts. In addition, clients will have a coach assigned to them to receive feedback, modification, and support as needed. If you don’t receive a link from TrueCoach in the following days, check your junk mail or let us know at info@lincolnparkcrossit.com.

🤗 We are going to offer free equipment rental through PushPres. Stay tuned for details 🤗

We believe as a fitness and health facility, it is with the utmost importance that we take preventative measures as soon as possible to maintain our athletes and our staff’s health and safety. In this way, we are being part of the solution to this situation, we are making the most socially responsible decision available, and we can safeguard that Lincoln Park will be back to normal once the outbreak diminishes.

At the same time, we want to still provide a high quality product and make sure our clients are keeping up with their fitness. We understand that this will be a change in our operation, certainly, and a change in the product we offer. We thank each and every one of you for your support and patience in this process. Your support and help for all small businesses right now is exactly what is needed and is so very much appreciated. Please reach out if you have any extenuating financial concerns that need special attention.

In general, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send an email to info@lincolnparkcrossfitt.com.

For updates on the COVID-19 and gym policies, use the following link: /blog/

Stay Fit and Healthy!