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Last week you may have noticed that the workouts might have looked a little different than usual. That is because it is.

With the end of CrossFit Open season, and Spring (is hopefully) around the corner, now is the perfect time to shift our programming. Expect to see a lot more variety in strength and accessory work, as well as the addition to longer endurance/conditioning pieces.

Every year, the CrossFit Open exposes some holes in our fitness. If you completed the Open this year, an easy way to see an example of this is if you placed significantly higher or lower in one particular workout, over all of the others. This may have shown that you’re very strong with a squat clean, but lack the endurance to push through an high threshold conditioning piece. Or that your ability to perform handstand push-ups or chest-to-bar pull-ups can be improved. Whatever your experience was, we want to set goals for next year’s Open, and crush them.

Our aim is to create a balance of strength work, energy systems work, and accessory work. Pay close attention to the accessory work. The accessory work is just as important as the other two components.

Each day, you’ll see workout notes posted in SugarWOD. (if you don’t have the app, download it here) Make sure to read the notes before each workout. It will give an explanation of why the WOD was programmed for that day. Knowing your “why” is important in keep you aligned with your goals.

Speaking of goals, we will have a goal board back up very soon. Everyone should write a single goal on that board. Make sure to put your name, your goal, and your target date on the board. Putting a goal on the board for the entire community to see, keeps you accountable. It will also help remind you one of the reasons you are training every day.

For the next few weeks, we’ll be testing various components to our fitness. This can be 1RMs, endurance tests, traditional CF benchmark workouts, etc. Keep an open mind. This will be a shift from the workouts you are accustomed to. A good piece of advice going forward, if you see a particular workout that you don’t like, chances are that workout contains the very aspect to your fitness that you are weaker in.

Ultimately, our goal is to keep you stronger, healthier, and damn good looking now, and well into your senior years! As always, thank you for entrusting us with your fitness!